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Poodles to Poodles Reviews

"Talk of the Town"!

That is what you would be if you got a poodle from Poodles To Poodles! Having been scammed once I was very leery about putting down money and reserving another poodle online from someone out of state that I could not go see to assure myself I was dealing with a reputable breeder and would actually get a quality pure bred toy poodle. Very grateful Mr. Wayne was so sensitive to my anxiety and went out of his way to continually assure me and update me on the status of my Remi. He has been true to his word all along and produced for me the most adorable poodle imaginable! My Remi did beautifully on the plane ride from Denver to Phoenix and adjusted so well when we got home. He came pee pee pad trained, does well in his crate and is just a joy for me and others!! It is a special bonus to get a poodle from a breeder who is also a groomer! It was so sweet to see my boy with his clean feet and hiney and know he had a good first of many experiences with grooming! I literally searched the entire country looking for my next red toy poodle! So glad I found Poodles To Poodles the best breeder delivering quality and value in this experience.


The best of the best

I am miss skeptical on getting anything online or having to do any type of down payment before getting a product or service. Within meeting John we clicked right away with us both having military background. He made everything seamless and amazingly memorable. I took two lovely puppies, they are an great addition to my family. My family and I are grateful for our new family members due to poodles to poodles, thank you again John.

DeSilva Family

Welcoming another Poodles to Poodles red toy poodle.

In addition to our first poodle from Poodles to Poodles, Cinnamon, we received Pinky this year. Pinky is a great bundle of energy and keeps her sister, Cinnamon on her “paws”. They love to run together and play in the yard at Grandma’s house. It is a joy to watch them. Pinky is small but mighty and everyone loves her. We had another great experience with John. He handles the grooming for them and is readily available to answer any questions we may have. Poodles to Poodles is an excellent place to get your new family member and create wonderful and everlasting moments.

Clarissa B

Best Gift Ever!

We love our sister poodles, they are 3 months apart. They are always together playing or exploring things in the backyard and in the house. They have to wait in the bathroom for me while I shower. They take naps together Canela is Race’s fur Baby and my son. Race bought me Mooni and she was the best gift ever. She is gentle, loving and very smart I couldn’t live without her and Race couldn’t live without his Canela

Poodles to Poodles is a very good breeder, and will answer any questions or concerns you have.

Mr. Race

Styled for the Cold

We live high in the mountains where it stays a bit colder. Poodles to Poodles gave our Ruby a great grooming that provides more body and gives nice “fluff”. She looks beautiful!! Thanks John.

Reid and Amma

Happy Breedings!!

We have bred AI multiple times with John. He is so knowledgeable, conscientious, honest and precise. We drive 10 hours to come back here. Prince is also a wonderful sire.

Gwen Woodbury

Happy Puppy!

Mr. Wayne is a knowledgeable and careful breeder and groomer! His professionalism is only exceeded by his obvious determination to provide quality services. Our Ruby was happy and beautiful when we picked her up.

Reid and Amma

Very good experience, very professional

Very good experience, very professional. Bailey looks great. Very well priced.


Well Trained Puppy

Picked him up on 12/4. Greatest puppy ever. No accident on the long 8-hour journey and none all night.

Highly recommend this breeder.

Donna Gilliam